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Student “scientists” gathered at Moundsville Middle School Thursday to compete in the Marshall County Science Fair. More than 90 projects were presented by 100 participants.

The annual competition featured projects from students in sixth through eighth grades at Cameron High School, Moundsville Middle School and Sherrard Middle School. Students who placed at their school’s Science Fair competed for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in 13 different categories.  Honorable Mention was also given in several categories.

Students who competed also participated in science crafts while awaiting results. They put together a mosaic using mineral tiles and constructed a Rubik’s Cube.

Sherrard Middle School 6th grade student Jocelyn Blatt was named the fair’s overall winner for her entry titled “Vegetation Radiation.” Blatt researched the damaging effect radiation has on plant seeds compared to human cells.

Science teachers have the opportunity to select who will represent their school at the West Liberty University Regional Science & Engineering Fair on Saturday, March 9, 2019.

Behavioral and Social Science

1st – Tate Pelley

2nd  – Madison Pierce

3rd – Kayleigh Betras


1st – Lance Riley

2nd – Erice Lagos

3rd – Megan Williams


1st – Jocelyn Blatt

2nd – Reagan Scherich

3rd – Ava Blake

Honorable Mention- Rylan Robinson


1st – Maitlyn Miller

2nd – Mylie Scott

3rd – Quentin Richmond

Honorable Mention- Gracie Woods

Earth and Space

1st – Carter Adkins

2nd – Gage Hercules

3rd – David Gray


1st – Noah Courtwright

2nd – Dakota Fisher

3rd – Preston White

Honorable Mention- Aden Archer


1st – Jourdyce West  

2nd – Makyla Moore

3rd – Kameryn Wells

Honorable Mention- Peyton Dille


1st – Jadyn Parker

2nd – Landon Gregg

3rd – Landen Nelson

Medicine and Health

1st – Khloe Trussell

2nd – Laurel Shipley

3rd – Trina Baker

Honorable Mention- Sierra Taylor


1st – Lauren Riggenbach

2nd – Brielle Gregware

3rd – Averey Booth

Honorable Mention- Teonna Barton


1st – JJ Bergen

2nd – Maverick Lemasters

3rd – Shasta Brown

Honorable Mention- Tyler Cain


1st – Jacob Meneely & Josh Meneely

2nd – Ashlee Dobbs & Kenzie Clutter

3rd – Haley Swoyer & Kaylee Linabarger

Honorable Mention- Johnna VanScyoc & Danica Whipkey


1st – Zoe Hill

2nd – Harlee Magers

3rd – Bailey Sebroski